Friday, August 5, 2011

she thinks she can....she thinks she can....*UPDATE*

Well...yesterday I went and peeked on the little babes...guess what!?  they are all DEAD.
i think maybe i can't hide my distaste of birds very well.
maybe they know that?  
oh well...we are not a bird hatching, bird living, bird making it kind of house.
better luck next time.
anyway, who builds a nest, lays eggs, and then cares for them in 110 degree heat?!
wasn't meant to be.
bummer...again, disappointment.

remember a few weeks ago when i had the post of this?
well....the birds didn't make it due to the cow bird egg disaster.
my sweet friend, joyce, from school alerted me to the fact that the speckled egg in the nest was a cow bird egg.
they take over the nest, basically and choke out the babes.
she is so smart, all the time.
again, she was right.
the birds died.
adams office manager had to help me ditch them.
i'm a wuss when it comes to dead things.
just ask michelle what happened when larry, my class guinea pig died, while we were all at lunch. ewww.
i was bummed, but not too bad, because my camera was gone.
well, lo and behold.
that momma bird came back.
and laid 4 perfect eggs.
no stupid cow bird came into the nest and took over.
the girls are having so much fun watching them grow.
anne is quite upset though because 'they seem blind'.
and in fact they do....
but if we tweet loud enough, the all pop up and open their mouths.
picture perfect!
sometimes i just love motherhood.
for some reason, a nest of new baby birds just makes me want to pop.
i know....
here is the lifecycle so far...
if you look real close the middle bird was STILL IN THE EGG!  we got to see it bust OUT!  all of us.  we got to see it.  amazing....the girls ran in and got adam, who ran out thinking it was serious.  he smiled, but i am pretty sure he said something in his head like 'really, sara?  a bird busting out of an egg?'

look at those sweet little beaks! 

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