Saturday, August 13, 2011

last day....

thursday was the last 'official' day of our summer.
we got together with my sweet friend julie, and her darling kids.
we went to purina farms.
it was perfect weather, perfect time, perfect lunch, just perfect.
the kind of perfect that you drive away and, why can't EVER day be this WAy?!
it was AWESOME!
*the pictures are in order from last to first..*
i am just to lazy to fix them...
the  chicks!

catching up on summer reading!

sydney is soooo stinkin' cute!

all 5.  cracks me up.

wagon ride

loving the wagon ride!

kate and sydney were just the 'right height' big kids ALLOWED!

syd on the tractor

finally! something she liked!

we saw jackson, katy, and syds cousins!  how cool!  they are all checking out the fish...



some of the buds!
momma! they are HERE!

they are HERE!

wonder what's in there?

terrible pic, but marking where we were!

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