Saturday, August 20, 2011

the first week...

so we all survived.
and i mean that honestly.
i made it through the first three days of second grade.
it is a real adjustment, but once the kinks are worked out, i think i will like it.
they ARE super cute....and that makes things easier!

the first day of school toward the end of the day, my phone rang.
it was an 'outside' ring...meaning it had to be adam.
i answered.
it was adam.
in my mind i was saying WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!  i have got to get these little kids on the bus!  it's the first day of school.
he says, sara, your mom is okay. (gulp.)
she has been in a car accident.  (room gets fuzzy)
i am going to get anne from school.  (she was on her way to get her)
she has been burned (start sweating...i am picturing a fire)
from the airbag.
call your mom he says. ( i didn't think i should *bother* her right i waited)
room still spinning, i turn around and look at 22 sets of darling eyes.
okay boys and girls, put your folders in your backpacks and lay your heads down.
what else does a girl do?????

In the was okay, suffering whiplash, chemical burns, and bumps and bruises.
many prayers of thanks for that....
she was hit by a car that wasn't looking while making a turn.
did i say we were thankful for that she was okay???
mom's car.  :(

due to the mishap. we changed transportation
  i took anne to gymnastics.
and then we had the arm episode.
all literally within 3 hours of each other.
*sidenote...the doc said that there is NO WORRY that her arm has broken twice in 10 months.  it was the neighbor  bone from the last break, not the same bone.  it is a common break in children when falling.  it is a buckle break that happens when you put your arm out to 'break' your fall.  so no need to worry that she is calcium deficient of is suffering from any other condition. ;)*

by the time i got home with anne...all i could do was laugh.
what else do you do???
she's really unhappy about all this can you tell?!

now it is saturday.  mom is on the road to recovery.  anne is casted.
i am cleaning the house.
we are going to a fundraiser dinner tonight to help raise money for the Joplin tornado victims. and an anniversary party for friends.
i get to wear a new dress ( one my sister talked me into buying this summer).
adam will wear a suit. (i melt when he wears suits....blush)
it will be fun.
happy weekend!
~chat soon!

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