Sunday, August 28, 2011

an empty saturday.

the definition of empty in our house, when referring to a day, means we have nothing to do.
saturday, was empty.
well, meaning we had no schedule to keep.
laundry, cleaning, grocery, maybe some pool time.
otherwise, no one was telling us we had to be there.
i got a message from julie around 8am.
she was heading to the orchard with her clan.
picking peaches and honeycrisp apples. (yum)
after several messages sent back and forth...
we all met at eckerts.
coolest place on the earth.
i had never been peach picking.
after a little conversation, neither had julie.
it was glorious.  the kids had a blast.
i ate enough peaches to have my own 'peach fuzz' on my lip! HHAHAAHAHA (i crack myself up)
i was glad we had an empty day to join them! ;)
thanks for the invite jules.

 obviously, every time i turned around it was a kodak moment.  sorry for the obnoxious amount of pictures....but one was cuter then the next! ;)

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  1. don't appologize for the amount of pictures...I couldn't wait for you to post them... I keep coming back to look at them over and over...:) Thanks for posting them!!! "Mrs.T"