Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my tough girl.

so if you know me. you know i have type 1 diabetes.  have for forever....or since i have been 7.  it's been awhile.  when i was pregnant with anne i was approached to think about putting anne in the TRIGR study.  it is a diabetes research study that in a nutshell, tries to figure out if diabetes is caused from genetic tendencies or environmental things.  it wasn't anything to get upset about...if we signed up, ALL our formula would be provided.( i was nursing so that wasn't a big deal to me)  I would just have to bring anne into children's hospital for blood samples.  okay.  no big deal.  she won't qualify. no way.
about 3 weeks after she was born.  i got a call.  anne had the genetic make up to be a carrier for type 1 diabetes.  now. if you have ever been pregnant, delivered, and were 3 weeks post part um, you will understand the psycho factor that lays before you.  dr. white called because our liaison was unavailable.  i remember his voice, i remember what i was wearing, i remember who was in the house...i leaned up against the fridge and heard the words...anne has the genetic makeup to be a carrier for type 1 diabetes.  i remember a lot of charlie brown teacher noise.  and i remember me being able to squeak out the words...what does this mean?  
he said...your daughter has a FIVE percent chance of being diagnosed type 1 diabetic by the age of 10.  and then that wawwawwaw noise.  after i came to, i also heard him say 'this means a 95% chance she will not.'
anne had to be taken to children's hospital every 3 months until her 12 month date and then once a year until she is 12 years old.  they do a blood draw. they run it through the lab and give me the glucose and the average blood sugar level.  then it is sent away to be looked at and checked out and investigated and torn apart to see what makes up what (that is a 2nd grade teachers take on the whole thing...)
tuesday we went for her SEVEN year checkup.  she dressed up.  was super brave.  marilyn, the dietitian is always a gem to deal with.  she gives anne lots of attention, and love, and gifts.  
do you know that anne crawled into the lab seat and didn't even blink?
i did notice her foot was moving quite busily....but other then that nothing.  she did the whole ding dang thing and didn't utter a word.  
i love that girl.  with my whole heart.  she did ask why she had to have that done.  i got sweaty and the room got fuzzy and i thought now was the time to explain diabetes....and i opted for: to make sure you are healthy.  
that my friends, is not a lie.  it is the truth.  
i found out today she will need to keep going until she is 12.  by 12 i will give her the truth. but today, at 7, i told her it's to make sure she is healthy....
and at 4:30 i got the call from sweet marilyn that she is indeed healthy.  all blood work came back fine and the samples are being sent off for the scientist to play with them.
Thank you, Jesus!  
~chat soon!
awaiting the stick...
umm....not too sure.
i am brave.
i am still brave.
miss marilyn. our trigr hero!
the sonic reward on the way home! yummo! 
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