Sunday, March 11, 2012

this weekend

last week it came to me that i was off work both this past friday and this monday.
we have been itching to go to trout lodge again.  i checked the forcast and said, it's perfect.
adam said, book it.
and we did.
we planned to pick anne and kate up around noon and head out of town.  they knew nothing about it.
we went to pick anne up.
she came out of the door and said, DO I HAVE A CAVITY? AM I GETTING A SHOT?! i said.
adam said, well, i thought we should probably go to TROUT LODGE.
she squealed like a crazy girl.
off we went to pick up kate.
it took her a minute to digest it, but she was just as excited.
the weekend was perfect.  just perfect.
the weather was beautiful, it wasn't crowded.
we went, and went, and went, and WENT.
if you haven't ever been, i would highly suggest going.
it seriously is one of the best family friendly places i have been too.
the activities promote learning and success.  anne learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and for pete's sake hit the BULLSEYE!
adam braved a horse back ride. and lived.
i mean seriously.  you need to go!
i promise you will love it!

a hole in one for anne...the ball in the picture is mine.  she is doing a celebration dance...

this is what kate did most of the 18holes...sat on them.

or sat on the bench and said can we ride bikes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?!

finally bikes.

volleyball.  adam laughed at me too much. i tried to explain, it's a little different when there is no one else that knows how to play on the court.

exploring the lake front

horse back riding. 

anne got to ride

she got a hat with the ride. her new prized poscession

daddy riding

yee haw

really loving the whole cow girl idea

checking out the creek

i mean really loving the hat.

ping pong


a natural

bulls eye

arts and crafts.  kate's heaven

getting psyched up for the balloon pop

i mean it, she was great

kate finally got a turn...

and did well

she even popped a balloon in the competition

on the ridge.  picture stinks but you get the idea

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! can't wait until our kiddos are a bit older...or at least Anna;) Check out my blog, because you've been tagged.