Monday, March 26, 2012

so how was your weekend?

that's a doll bottle in the far corner...i wasn't that sick... was your weekend?  mine was in bed. looking at a nightstand filled with kleenex, advil, tylenol, cough syrup, musinex (my new best friend), gatorade, and thermometer.  i woke up friday morning with a whoping fever of 103.4. 
that is waaaaay to big of a fever for someone that is grown.
i have not laid in bed for a day and a half straight since...well, since the day after my bacholerette party and it wasn't a virus that caused my sickness those days! 
kate had it last week, adam had it the beginning of the week, then it hit momma.
a big thanks to my sweet friend who left a meal on our front step, my parents who watched the chicks for two nights so i could literally do nothing but lay on my backside and stare at the walls, and to my friends (and sister) who probably had to get new phone batteries for all the text messages that were flying back and forth. 
i seriously thought i was done for. 
luckily, the good Lord had other plans. 
now it's Monday.  i have just a horrid cough as a battle wound.
we have had dinner.  i was putting the dishes away...and stepped in a HUGE puddle at the base of the sink.
opened the cabinet doors...guess what????  A LEAK.  A HUGE LEAK.
it is 8:51 pm and we have a very talkative plumber chatting it up under our kitchen sink.
~chat soon!
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