Saturday, July 27, 2013

a horse is a horse...

caught this one. love.  just love.

i just love this photo.  it's a tender moment.  i could almost frame it. for real.

two words. hot. shot.

as we left for the event at the friends house...anne said. 'hey kate, you riding a horse?' kate said quickly....'nope'  ha.

God love her....she did this all by herself.  boots, belt, totally dressed for the night. :)  we so wanted to be 'by her' but the friends said...'she will be fine'....and i think they were right.

little blurry...but the girls were soo excited to ride in the dark.

the daddy's....
of course of course...
we went to a friend of adam's house this past friday night.
i was not excited about going. (because horses scare me a little....well. actually, a lot.)
they have horses. and chickens. and...wait for it...a GOAT.
the family encouraged us to bring our boots, and wear old clothes.
oh boy i thought.
well, as it usually  happens.  we had the best time.
BOTH girls rode a horse.  not only rode it but rode it all.night.long.
it was so neat to see them go from super skiddish, to chasing chickens in the barn after dark.
anne said in a whisper voice....'the goat rammed me, but its okay, i think it likes me.'
what the what????
i just smiled.
it was a very late night.  but a great time had by all.
both girls woke this morning with one question...
'when can we go back???'
~chat soon...

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