Friday, July 26, 2013

spot on

so lately..i have been thinking about how i feel like i have found a spot in the world of motherhood.  the girls are growing.  i can carry a purse, or a clutch for that matter, no sippy cups, no diapers, no extra clothes.  maybe a band aid that's it.  the girls can play in the yard, by themselves, they can swim, by themselves, dress themselves, and potty themselves.  i am feeling like I am more of a facilitator, a supervisor, and i'm not sure about this.  it's going a little too fast for me....and then my sister posted something on facebook and i took a minute to read what she linked...
this was spotted
it was perfectly written...just beautiful. 
it's not always easy, this stage, but i don't think there is any one phase that is just a piece of cake....but as our infamous family babysitter, debbie once told me, in her foyer, as i was bleary eyed and weepy about anne growing...'sara, each stage you are in is the best at the time, but the next one is even better'...
~chat soon.

p.s. thanks suz for sharing this on facebook. :)

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