Monday, July 15, 2013

kids make it monday....

so our kids love to cook.  anne wavers slightly, but kate is totally head over heels about cooking.  always has been. 
adam and i have been talking about them making the WHOLE meal once a week-start to finish-with our supervision.
i have been wanting to do it, and have one little cookbook that my mom got me when we were little.  i hadn't pulled it out yet.
today we went to the library.  i put the kebash on bringing home 87 books that we don't ever get through and that i have to keep track of. so the girls were struggling with finding books they were interested in...i looked up kids cookbooks.  VIOLA  section J641....we hit the jackpot.  came home with 4 cookbooks and picked out a meal, complete with a salad that the girls will be cooking tonight.
we came up with make it monday-each monday, they will plan, and prepare the meal.
i'm excited.  they are too.
~chat soon.

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