Sunday, July 28, 2013

a little science never hurts. :)


When we came back from vacation and I was convelesing on the couch all day everyday...the girls would watch tv. (sigh...a lot.) They were sooo excited to tell me about the Science Center having an Mummy/Egypt exhibit.  Anne was over the top about it...then quickly realized I couldn't go anytime soon.  I was determined to get there. Anne loves stuff that is Science centered.  And I love that she loves different things.  I just wasn't too sure how that was going to work out this summer.
My cousin, Annie (also known by the girls as, Big Annie) and I talked about the Science Center at the Fourth of July.  She wanted to go too.  So we got together a date and planned to go. 
We had a great time.  It was crowded, and slightly overwhelming, and honestly exhausting.  Which usually equals a great time in the eyes of a kid...
Glad we could go, and super glad Big Annie was with us!
~chat soon!
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