Tuesday, July 2, 2013

homeward bound

adam was determined to get us home in one day from vacation-
one day meaning-14 hours straight through....we stopped exactly three times.
i got out of the car twice.
the second time i was within inches of being backed over by a truck-so i decided inside the van even with a full bladder was much safer then me on crutches at a gas station...
the girls were absolutely perfect.
we don't really support media in the cars, but for trips, especially a trip home that is very long...we give it two thumbs up.
the girls watched a few movies.
they read.
they dozed.
they ate a lot of junk food.
they finished up the license plate game (RECORD YEAR-45 STATES!)
and watched out the window.
poor adam did all.the.driving.
i just sat, and winced, and groaned, and cried a little....
riding14 hours in the car with a very sore rib and a foot that looks like a tube is just that great.
but we made it.
i said in the last post that, that post was the last vacation post.
i lied.
it's actually this one.
i just had to close it up...
on with the rest of summer now!

poor kate. couldn't help it. this needs to be saved and sent to her husband when they get married.

looking pretty good-about hour 7

welcome to missouri.
nice, huh?  looks like something off a science fiction movie.  hahahha

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