Monday, July 8, 2013

honesty is the best policy...

everyone always says--you should be honest.
so i am going to be.
a.  my foot still hurts.  not so bad i need crutches, but bad enough i look like i have an injury, and sometimes i need to hold on to stuff, and it's just an annoyance.
b.  i had huge exciting things planned for the girls this summer.  it's not going so hot. most of them included walking, a lot of walking.  and i can't do that so well so that is self explanatory.
c.  i love the summer- i really, really do, but i'm also a people person, and the summer removes me from my peeps, so i'm a little bummed about that.
d.  i've read five books so far this summer-mostly mindless stuff.  i must admit, i don't read heavy material...i'm in need of more books, so i can sit still...any suggestions? 
e.  raising girls is hard.  anne and i can go nose to nose often.  we just had a little altercation about playing in the playroom-it's in our basement. she HATES going downstairs.  she goes in everyone else's basement-but not ours.  it drives me nuts.  just nuts.  today she won't play downstairs because the tv is not working right and i can't figure out why.  ugh.  girls.
f.  kate-is still just 5. she thinks she is 11 or maybe 15.  she wants to be included in activities that anne gets to go to, but she isn't old enough.  hard to explain to someone that is 5.  so most times, at a drop off for anne, i have kate crying-ugh.
g.  our neighbors cat got stuck in the tree about a day and half ago. it was still there this morning so,  guess what?  the fire department came to get it down. i thought that only happened on curious george. 
h.  yesterday, i took the girls to the pool.  i sat most of the time. (surprise) the person sitting next to me was quite chatty.  i can be known to be a talker-but not generally to complete and total strangers...she went on and on and on about my swim suit-she was QUITE a bit older then me.  i wasn't sure if i should take it as a compliment or be reassured that i did indeed pick out an OLDER looking swimsuit for the 2013 swimsuit season.  what a riot!

i think that is all i have for today's confessional of what is going on in my not-so-exciting world.
i aplogize for the non use of capital letters and the extreme amount of run on's just how it is going today.
~chat soon!

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