Sunday, January 23, 2011

come monday.

i have to go back to work.
i think thats a bummer.
i have been off for 4 days and only worked 2 days total last week.
part time is the way to go.
this past weekend has been awesome.
adam was out of town (not awesome) but the girls were super sweet (awesome).
anne and i redid her room. it is super cute, but super grown up, which makes me sappy.
kate is irritated that her room is not re-done. but thats okay, she is easily distracted.
i am gearing up for a productive/determined week...i can do soooo much with a deadline.  you tell me i don't have to work, okay.  i won't do much, then you say you go back tomorrow and this momma is FULL THROTTLE!  laundry, socks, closets, the whole shebang!  productivity at it's finest! :)
 enjoy the tunes. 

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