Thursday, January 6, 2011

mother of the year...AGAIN.

it's the week coming off of the break.
that's always horrid, isn't it?
overall it has been smooth. we had our menu, i had our clothes picked out for the has been okay.
i dropped anne off at school today.  i wrote on THE CALENDAR (its the transportation calendar)in her classroom that she was KK.  That means KidKare (latch key) today.  my job was done for the morning...i drove off to work.
i got off of work and ventured toward anne's school.  wondering why it was so cloudy, listening to good music, saying a prayer (i usually do that in case i fall asleep before i get to pray...)
get to anne's school.  go to the kidkare spot. 
anne walks up to me and says.
'hi mom'.
hi anne.
i didn't think you were ever coming for me..
oh, why?
well, daddy forgot me, he skipped me, HE NEVER CAME.
uhhh....he wasn't supposed to, it is my turn to pick you up.  i have a snack in the car.  let's go.
no. dad forgot. he skipped me.  i was waiting in the parking lot line.  all the cars came.  he didn't come.
so mrs. dittmer brought me to kidkare.
**room gets fuzzy**
well, that's weird, i wrote it on the calendar in your room.  are you telling me a story?
NO, I'm NOT telling you a story. i thought i would have to spend the night here.
**lump in the throat...**
you will never have to spend the night here, anne.  now let's go eat our fruit roll-ups.
like i said. mother of the year, again. 
by the way, i know i wrote anne w. k.k. today on the calendar. 
guess i  have to make sure i wrote it on the right day, tomorrow.
happy '11. ;)
~chat soon!

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