Friday, January 21, 2011

It's too cold.

 thinking warm thoughts...

Well, my friends, it's cold.
It's so cold, I have nothing to say.
That's a rarity.
I have been at home, trying to stay warm and toasty for 2 days.
Winter weather came to old St. Louie Wednesday evening.  It was quite the snow.
For us anyway.
It's now so cold, I woke up this morning and said SERIOUSLY, DID THEY JUST SAY IT WAS 2???
What the WHAT?

Luckily, the girls have no interest in going outside when they could, quite possibly, instantly FREEZE! (I'm forever thankful of that thought they have BUT feel terribly guilty each time some random person says OH SO HAVE YOU HAD FUN PLAYING IN THE SNOW????!??!?!?!!!!???)

Anyway, it is the 21st of January.  This month is quickly ticking away.  Very unusual for me to feel that way about January...
I have been fairly successful with sticking to my goal of being determined...
Not all things of course, it is only the 21st.
But, I have been trying new recipes...
pico de gallo
penne a la betsy

You may notice...they all are from the same place.  Pioneer Woman.  I love this chick.  My mom gave me the cookbook for Christmas and then my sweet friend, Julie came over the other day and GAVE ME ANOTHER ONE!  She said she kind of figured I had gotten it already, and I could return it to Borders etc etc...but if you want to know a secret...I may just KEEP IT!  One for use and one for prettiness.  I'm such a freak.  Her cookbook is filled with amazing pictures, an adorable commentary of her life, and of course the most wonderful, fattening, comforting recipes that you may ever lay your eyes ON! :)  I promise!!!!!

So...that is what i have been up to.  Oh,  and laundry.  I text ed (yes, that's right.) a friend today to proudly state that for the first time in darn near 5 years...I HAVE COMPLETED ALL DIRTY LAUNDRY IN THE HOUSE AND 80% OF IT IS WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO!  a)I'm really embarrassed I just admitted that and b) Just realized how many days straight i have been washing, drying, and folding clothes. BARF!

~chat soon!

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