Monday, December 5, 2011


so as i said in the last post, i had a little bit of a stomach bug. but we still needed to get things done. the things on the list included seeing santa at my school.
i practiced my robot mode and breathing deep, we saw santa, did some crafts, and  got the tree decorated.
this year the girls really got into the whole thing.
kate wasn't super excited about seeing santa, but i told her he would have no idea what to bring if she didn't tell him, and anne was 'super brave' if you look closely at the picture above, i think her skirt tells a different story.
when we got home, we started the tree.
i gave them each their ornament boxes that we add to each year.
they laid each one and out and carefully inspected them all.
anne has a memory like a trap so she 'nearly' remembered all of the ornaments and loved the fact that she could read most of the words on the ornaments.

blurry but you get the idea...this is kate's box

~chat soon

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