Thursday, December 22, 2011

this week in pictures

blurry...but just showing a lot of cuddle...

my vow for a no bake cookie season.  still making and eating, just not baking.  peppermint oreos dipped in chocolate.  holy moly, good!

heavenly hash.  a holiday must have.

anne in choir on sunday

sing choirs of angels....

monday. the advent program.  long, hot, crowded. but cute.

their song included an ending with popping a bag. anne spent most of her time looking as if she was curbing hyperventilation!

so excited about the popping!

little gifts for the school cocoa, peppermint sticks and marshmallows with a note

tuesday with my daisy troop. making ornaments for the nursing home.  lots of foam.  lots of googly eyes.  a lot of happy eldery and giggly girls.  a win, win.

kitchen counter after a late night finishing foamy things for the nursing home

dishwasher that will only wash things on the bottom wrack.  ?!

laundry that never ends

post field trip class party...gotta love the balloon pass under the chin game...always good for a belly laugh

super cute

apparently the gate on the deck was open.  this panther/cat pet paid us a visit.  made me wet my pants a tad.  it was super huge.  this picture does not do it justice.  my heart still races looking at it.  

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