Saturday, December 24, 2011

naughty or nice....

one of my coworkers turned me onto this website enter the information and viola! santa comes to you courtesy of a web cam type of video.  
anne has been VERY serious about the naughty or nice list.  she has talked about it probably once a day since the first of december.  always worried she may not 'make it'.  or trying extra hard in case he has having trouble 'deciding'.
this little video puts their name into a machine and a few (very long) seconds later the green or red light on top of the machine indicates if the person is on the naughty or nice looking at the pictures you can see how it all panned out.  
it was hysterical.  but in a sick kind of way.  poor anne's heart was beating so fast, she made me feel it through her shirt.  she is pleased and content with the fact that she *knows* she is on the nice list.   
may your Christmas be magical! 
~chat soon!
watching the first part of the video


part of what they saw....

waiting to get the word...

it's GREEN!  i made the list!

waiting for her turn....she was pretty confident she was 'good'

i knew it! she said...
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