Friday, December 2, 2011


thought i would stick with the days of the week theme.
it's friday.
that is good.
have been very excited about the weekend ahead.
tomorrow we go to the christmas tree farm and chop our tree down.
we tried to go last year but this is what happened instead.
i'm praying that it isn't quite that kind of memorable. :)
we are going to decorate the house.
i always think it will take forever and before i know it it is done.
with a whole bunch of mess with it, but that is easy enough to handle.
i can't wait.
we (i) put up outside lights last night. in the dark. it was cracking me up.
i thought it would be easier since the lights would be on and i could see where i was going with the strand.
next year i will do it during the day.  note to self.
i do however need to track down the wonderful inventor of the lights that are a net style.  OHMYGOODNESS! i will KISS THAT PERSON!  GENIUS!  the hardest part was wrestling them out of the box.  love it.  threw it over the rose bushes and VIOLA christmas light perfection.
so all in all, it will be busy.  birthday party tonight for a classmate, tree cutting tomorrow, santa lap sitting at my school tomorrow afternoon, tree trimming, maybe some cookie baking.
can't wait.
just can't.
hope you are having a fun weekend too!
~chat soon!

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