Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the most wonderful time of the year...

saturday night, i still wasn't feeling great. i planted my rump on the couch, under a blanket with a cup of tea and a book.
adam wrangled the girls in the family room for a movie.
awhile later i hear the floor crack...it was anne.
she said, 'i'm not going to bother you...i just can't stop looking at the tree.'
me-it's beautiful, isn't it?
anne-yes, it makes me want to scream a little.
me-really? scream?
anne-yep, sometimes when i think something is really, really great, i just can't help it. i want to make a noise.
with that she crawled under the blanket with me and we gazed at the tree.
she talked about nearly every ornament and explained the true story of Christmas.
if i could have sealed up that 7 minutes of bliss and stuck it on the shelf, boy oh boy, i would have!

~chat soon.
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