Sunday, December 4, 2011

the tree

we successfully got to the tree farm this weekend.
we successfully found a tree, and cut it down.
adam tied it on top of the car (he HATES that part) he is a master at tying flies for fishing, but not so hot at tying knots for holding things on atop of a vehicle that will be traveling 70 mph down the highway. always a funny story.
i successfully got a stomach bug of sorts on the way to the tree farm.
felt like i had a roller coaster belly.
we picked the tree as a family, but i was more like a robot...just concentrating on one thing...keeping it ALL inside my belly.
the tree is up.
it looks great.
i love odd trees.
makes me think of my grandparents house when i was little.
~chat soon!

this was the first one we chose, we picked a different one in the end

i know...anne is holding the saw.  didn't even realize it...i'm telling you i was in robot mode saying....'don't poop in the forest'

the one

all loaded up

journey is almost complete

he's laughing...which is good, usually he is cussing.

hey guys? what is takin' so loooooong?

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