Wednesday, December 21, 2011

setting the record straight.

i received an email yesterday from a friend.
she was wondering what martha-stewart esq type stuff i have going on with the kids for christmas break. 
i put the breaks on...
WHO was she talking about?
i joked back with her, how this year, martha stayed on the east coast and i am channeling someone similar to rosanne barr!
point of all of this...
i hope and pray that people don't think that everything in 'our world' is perfect.
it is the farthest thing from that. 
i like to blog because it keeps track of what is going on in our life.
kind of like a scrapbook but without all those ding dang pieces of paper and sticky tape stuff...
i choose not to wallow in the not so great times on here because
a)who would want to read that and b) i don't really want to remember it.
truly, we have a good gig here in our house.
meaning, we love and respect most days.
we (i) nag, yell, even curse (under our breath) some days
we (I) forget stuff (all the time), am late 90% of the time to things, and rarely, i mean RARELY have a clean house for more then 2 husband works his tail feathers off, we snip at each other sometimes,
BUT i really don't worry about it.
i want to make sure when the girls grow up, i can look back and say, we had fun.  we laughed.  we didn't make beds, or mop all the time, but by God we did some stuff. 
these silly blogs make life seem 'perfect'.  they really do.  i get sucked in to them, read all about the crafts, see the beautiful decorations around their house and get bummed.  then i realize, i can portray the same thing with my camera if i stand just right in a room. ;) 
so please, don't ever feel that 'sara has it all together' because i am going to let you in on a very BIG SECRET.
i am a mess. 
a total mess.
i laugh it off and i think that helps.
i would love to be organized, on time, able to find a set of keys each time i go to leave...but that just wouldn't be me. 
when you read this.  enjoy the things i'm sharing, laugh with me or at me,  but PLEASE don't ever think i go to bed thinking that i got the world by it's tail!  because usually it's got me by mine.
have a wonderful day.
i am heading to anne's field trip, class party, home for an hour and then to beauty and the beast at the fox theater with the girlscout troop. 
told you i am NUTS!

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