Thursday, December 29, 2011

Round 2...

Christmas Morning/Day, at our house since we have been married, consists of the family coming over for dinner.  As a younger person, I didn't really care for Christmas Day.  It was the end of the best time of the year (in my head).  The first Christmas, Adam and I were married I decided to put the kabash on that feeling and have anyone and everyone over for Christmas dinner.  In the past it usually is a formal-ish type affair, Christmas china, sparkly crystal, cloth napkins...Now that there are kids in the picture, that hasn't exactly proven itself to be the most practical approach.  Everyone is excited, overwhelmed, screaming because of new presents.  I am telling everyone to stop touching, don't put that there, did you FLUSH?  PEOPLE ARE COMING OVER!  It is just a little too much for these mommy nerves to handle for a second during that day. (i usually only freak out once on that day!)  So this year, we changed it up a bit...I made several soups and some appetizers and we all just over indulged in fatty goodness. 
Our day started with presents (of course) if you look closely, you can see the blur of Anne...

Then came the sweet Adam told me that he would take care of the kitchen, so I didn't give it another thought...just kept cooking, didn't clean as I went...  I thought he was going to fall over when he came in the room! HA!

Did I mention before that only the bottom rack of the dishwasher works?  EEKS!

Presentation of the food....

this little puppy is my  new favorite...won't use it everyday but will serve 3 things at once, all in their own temperature! 

told you....lots of fatty goodness!

and then the new tradition.....WHITE ELEPHANT!  (told you no one would be sad Christmas was ending...everyone goes home with a 'present!)
no more post dinner snoozies....we are going to have FUN! :)

annie was number 1.

which meant she got to pick several times, according to the poem we read

kids were observers....

a new santa hat!  kate was in LOVE

the coveted Christmas light sunglasses! 

a light up door knocker!  uncle don's favorite!

jason got the hair band!  doesn't he look GREAT?!

uncle jerry got the tigger night light...a must have! 

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