Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the beginning and the end

today was the last day of first grade for anne clara.
it was a good day for her.
my mom picked her up and took her to our sweet bobbies house after school.
mom said anne was kind of sad...i asked anne about it this evening.  she said she was afraid of forgetting mrs. schmidt.  God love her.  so innocent. 
here is anne on her first day of first grade.
this is anne on the last day.
i can't stand how much she has grown.  i just can't stand it.
i am so excited about summer.
i'm coming off a great school year. i don't have end of the year exahustion...i'm just ready to jump in. 
i love my girls and i can't wait to spend this summer with them.
~chat soon.

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