Monday, May 14, 2012

a darn good day.

if you know me...
you know that hallmark holidays just ain't my thing...
they are a whole lot of hype.  and it never fails that even though you brace yourself for they hype and the aftermath, someone is disappointed.
i'm not meaning me, a relative or a friend...someone. it just is awkward.
i had this idea that we would spread mothers day out.
in laws on friday.
my parents on saturday.
us on sunday.
after a little discussion and some calming down and explaining, i all worked out okay.
on the actual day, we met my in laws at church and then went our separate ways.
we drove around for a bit and looked at houses with different style doors (we are looking for a new door)
then we went home and had leftover chicken dinner for lunch. (high class.) :)
we were going to try to go to Grant's Farm.
i knew it was teetering on heartbreak of a 4 year old and 7 year old.
we gave it a whirl.
it was packed.
i used to work there, so i know how long it is when the line reaches a certain spot.  so we kept driving.
the girls did pretty good with the idea.
we went to a nearby park and had
we walked trails, swung on swings, skipped rocks, stayed at the right distance from the river....
it was just great.
for dinner...crab legs and shrimp.  sweet pete, my favorite dinner.
oh, and the girls (and their daddy) gave me a box of goodies i call 'summer lovin'....sunscreen, beach towel, a southern belle novel (my favorite) an inspirational book on mothering, chocolate, gum, socks...a little bit of adult beverages. (the dad picked those out, i checked)
i hope your day was good too.  mine wasn't over the top with breakfast in bed and diamonds.
just perfect.  a day at the river, a big cardboard box full of things only my clan would know i would like, and a great dinner.
i love them.
so still, i snub the hallmark holiday, but appreciate the effort given by my crew.
~chat soon!
fun on the duck

kate on a 'zipline'

she is getting adventurous.

my 3 loves.  the trail was so beautifully, green.

darling. can't stand it.  they are in love with him and he is in love with them.  perfect equation.

just cool.

checking it out.

anything with an american flag is worth of a photo don't you think?

acting like a super hero.

adam gave anne a shell she acted as if it was a gold nugget.

happy mother's day.

adam said, 'look over there' there was nothing but it made a cute picture.

we found a rock with a hole.  how cool

skipping rocks.

anne found a look out tower.

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