Monday, May 28, 2012

summer is here.

and the living is easy.
thursday, the girls and i went to grant's farm. 
it was a sort of 'summer initiation' so to speak.
it was so fun.  i was walking along, trailing behind them thinking...this is good.
no diaper bag, no stroller, just us, and a large tote bag, and a camera...
it was so fun.
we had to get our annual parking pass so we can go just about every other week.
the place never gets old. 
never. ever.
ready for the tram ride

texas long horn....super close.  like really, really close.

anne lived.

feeding the goats.

carousel ride.  kate was so nervous about being on a horse that went up and down.

strange little girl she is sometimes...

who knew the neck of a llama could be so fun?!

because every st. louis child needs a posed picture in front of the wagon! :)

Clydesdale petting.

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