Thursday, May 3, 2012


just rounded happy! love this chick!
today i am thankful.
i am thankful for so many things....
awhile back i went for my annual well lady check up.
my well lady test came back weird.  this past monday i had to go get it investigated.
it was not horrible, but not something i would want to do each monday.
i really didn't give it a lot of thought....but as anyone does when it deals with the 'c' word (meaning cancer) it can eat at you...even sub consciously.
i got a call today.  it is 'clear'.  not super great. but passable.  i'm good with that.
yesterday, i wasn't feeling well.  i got sick in my car.  how gross is that?  sometimes you just have too.
adam had his first 'event' at the new office, the night before.
it was a 'happy hour'.  i was to attend.
i didn't know what to wear.  i had picked out a nice pair of slacks and a blouse.
adam said....i think you should wear a dress...
my mom said....laura bush would wear a dress.
so i went to target.  bought a new pair of spanx and wore a dress.  no lie.
then i didn't eat dinner.
i ate a whole bunch of little smokies, a lot of mexican bean dip, and some sausage and cheese.  topped with a splash of wine.  yuck. my 35 year old gut said.  HECK NO.
gross. i got over it and taught my rear off....classy?!
anyway, i'm thankful that it passed (literally) it wasn't a bug, or anything more serious, and no i am not pregnant. i promise.
i am thankful that anne's little softball team, the sweet bees are progressing nicely.
they continue to lose, but that's okay.  they are hitting.  and fielding, kind of.  it's only the 4th game or so....i think by the 12th we should win.  hello they are only 7.
so that is about it.  i am just thankful.
as i told my mom today.  there are about 12 more days of school left and i am finally getting in the swing of things...
typical. right?!
sheesh.  love motherhood!
~chat soon!
p.s. if you look at the pic. look at little anne.  and then look at the BIG GIRL on 3rd.  SHE IS NOT 8 OR you THINK?!

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