Wednesday, May 9, 2012

how are you?

man. time flies.  i posted the last post last thursday. here it is wednesday and i haven't even looked at this silly thing.
i seriously feel i am in a cross between a wind tunnel and a hamster wheel. 
picture that. 
blowing around and running in place.
 it's just ugly.
it's just busy.
i have said before, we aren't super tight scheduled people.
i don't do well with that.  since i don't do well.  really none of us here at our home do well with that.
i'm trying to keep it happy and mellow.  i think it is working? (that is a bold face LIE!)
i have 9 1/2 days of school.  (school days-not weekends)
anne has one more day then me. 
then the real fun begins.
last weekend adam didn't work.
at all. 
first time in months.  more months then i care to admit.
i'm not doesn't matter.
he was home and that was fun.
we cleaned out closets and pantries. 
and now we have all the leftovers strewn throughout our house. 
that was saturday. today is wednesday.  the stuff still sits. 
yesterday we had a friend of anne's to help get to girlscouts, anne's softball practice, the girlscout fly-up ceremony, kate to get, and dinner...really that shouldn't be hard.  oh and 3 other girls to grab from school to take to practice.
i sent adam a bulletted email that stated what had to be done.
i got a me.
i did.
he said, tell me what you need me to do.  there are just too many words in that email.
silly boys.
i love him though. and that's all that matters! (right?!)
i have lots more to write and a picture here or there to post, i will catch up.
happy may 9th.  
a month from now, i will have already gone to the pool with the girls a week or so.
paid by debt to the library.
made brownies, or some baked treat.
spelled every word under the sun to write on the driveway....
read 2 books for my own pleasure.
the hamster wheel will be put away again till august.
i will survive.

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