Tuesday, May 29, 2012


so the title of the post is something that needs to be explained.
picture yourself having a bit of a day. and then saying 'man'.  but drawing out the aa's a bit and then putting a bit of an h sound on the end.  weird i know.  but you gotta know what i'm trying to say here.

** on with it**
on Tuesdays anne and kate go to the sitter.  i usually spend the time catching up, cleaning, laundry, errands, lunch with a friend, the pool maybe. 
today was the first tuesday.  it was good. i had a boatload of stuff to do.  the weather was supposed to be a little weird, so i planned on being inside most of the day.  i had to go to anne's school and help set up for the teacher appreciation luncheon, take some stuff back to target, buy some ingredients for dinner, make some casseroles for my mother in law who is having surgery...and on and on.

we got up late. strike one.
i had very little time to get home to get stuff accomplished before going to school.
i piddled for bit and got going.
the shift i was supposed to work was supposed to be 30 minutes.
cool. i can do this.
30 minutes passed.  we were still working.  now we were serving, and refilling.  it was fine. i enjoy helping and talking to the teachers and staff, 2 hours and 30 minutes later, i finally said, 'i gotta go'.  the cleanup crew was slight and the moms that were there lent a hand. no big deal.
i buzzed through the store, got the ingredients, returned stuff to target, and got home.
started the dinner for the inlaws.
it got to the part where i needed eggs.
no eggs.
not one ding dang egg in the fridge.
what kind of all American family does not have eggs.
i got back in the car. drove to the store.
bought eggs. came back home.
finished dinner.
adam picked anne up for softball practice and i was going to pick kate up to take the dinner to the inlaws...
adam calls.  he picked up anne. but kate was having a stroke that she didn't get to go.
would i hustle to get her.  sure. on my way.
pick kate up. she is fine.  deliver dinner.
leave inlaws.  a path i drive a lot...
i go through a well known intersection...
i am getting pulled over.
what the WHAT?!
i have no clue as to what i had done. 
no clue. none. none whatsoever....
the officer comes to my window and asks for the info. blah blah blah.
apparently i rolled threw a stop sign.
illegal. i get it. the police officer was LESS then friendly. 
i understand. it's their job.  i get it completely. i have a huge respect for the police officers....i really do.
but he was kind of mean.
after it was all over.  he gave me my license etc. back and i went to put it in my wallet, which was in my purse...i am kind of grumpy at this point...i hear him say KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!
oh *&^%...
OKAY i said.
note to self 'do not reach into your purse while the officer is standing at your car window'. 
even if you think you are so innocent you oddly resemble mother Theresa. 
he gave me my ticket and away we went.
kate didn't say anything for a long time.
she finally squeaked out 'what just happened?'
poor thing.  i think i kind of forgot she was back there.
i laughed. and kind of cried.
we got home.  adam laughed. kind of. when i told him the story.
i put dinner in the oven and started researching a trip for he and i to take this summer...
i followed the exact directions on the recipe.
it burns to a crisp.
a real bad crisp.
and we did.
i was a bit weepy, but we enjoyed fried chicken and fish and dipped cones, all while sitting at a 'counter' as the girls call it.  it was just a local family restaurant near by that has 'award winning fried chicken'.  adam knew that would fix everything.
he was right. 
what a day.
~chat soon.

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