Friday, June 1, 2012

random day

it's friday.
we survived the first full week of summer break.
it was fun. 
it always takes me a bit (well, actually a very long time) to get into the routine..
but this year it seems quicker, maybe because the girls are getting bigger?  maybe because we have the house to ourselves (which is heavenly).  no customers ringing the doorbell, or employees wondering if they can borrow a spoon.
none the less. it's been good.
today i think we are going to wrap up the week with a visit to the library.
here are some random pictures i have taken the last few weeks. 
some are from memorial day weekend.
some are just things i took around the house.
just random.
mike the mule on memorial day. love the lashes...

someday i would like to own a barn.

before i die...i would like to have a fence line of these...

kate on the way back from the country.  drawing

annes new hat.  she cracks me up in it.  her pawpaw got it free at the hardware store

kate got one too. i think it completed the outfit.

on a barn at Grant's Farm.  i need this.
favorite picture ever.  no editing.  it's just what happened.  i love it.  need to frame it. NOW!

on mother's day anne clara learned to blow bubbles.  i think we have probably been through 35 dollars worth of gum since that beautiful day.  (and if it happens to not blow a bubble, she just tosses it and grabs a new's the gums fault you know.!) 

Chat soon!

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  1. LOVE LOVE the wild flowers(?) contrasting against the red barn and the one of her reaching for the strawberries (noticed she's not reaching for the spoon, just the strawberries!).