Monday, June 11, 2012

Kate meets the Muppets

kate on any random day entertaining she had gotten into anne's makeup kit
This is the strangest thing.
Last night we had dinner on the deck.
The girls went in to watch a movie that we had gotten from the Red Box.
It was the Muppets.
They were very excited.
Adam and I had stuff about the business to go over so we stayed on the deck for a while.
Kate came to the door and said 'I need you to sit with me'.
I told her she would be okay and walked her back into the family room.
A few minutes later Adam and I cleaned up the deck and went inside.
He tells me that Kate has a tummy ache, and she wanted me to sit with her.
Okay, I walk in pick her up and she proceeds to spew all over the recliner.
Anne goes into freak out mode running around like a chicken with her head cut off...
Adam just mutters 'oh boy'.
I rush the puker into the bathroom.
Nothing more.
She tells me that she was scared of the movie and was worried that the Muppets were going to POPRIGHTINTOURHOUSE!
So there you have it.
Mental note-don't assume just because 99.9% of all children like the characters does not mean Kate will.
Don't also assume that she may not just BARF because she got scared.
What a crack up!

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