Wednesday, June 20, 2012

father's day. our way.

so this past saturday we had the 'family father's day' get together.
it seems to work well that way.  everyone gets together, and then is able to be with their immediate family or whomever the following day.
it works.  i think. 
no one has said otherwise, so i will take that as a good sign.
new recipes were tried and were good.
it was a great time.
i took not one picture.
actually i took one. but it was of adam's elbow while he was attempting to flambe bananas for banana splits.  (it may seem selfish to make him to that sort of thing on his weekend, BUT when the recipe says now avert face from flame, i feel it is much safer to ask the pro's.)
anyway, on father's day we had a very low key day.
we went to church.
we went swimming.
we all napped, in different areas of the house.
strange but true. 
i put the girls down for a nap and fell asleep.
i then moved to our bed.
adam was watching a western movie, so he went to the family room.  and fell asleep.
we were quite the crowd.
a steak dinner was made and we called it a day by watching the secretariat. (by the way...a must see if you haven't seen it.  lordy. i loved it. we all did.  even adam.)
i did take two pictures on father's day.
neither of which are anything to talk about, but it caught some sweet moments.
proof that anti-napper adam, took a nap.  on father's day of all days.  most appropriate.

they were chatting...about anne going to work with adam.  he said she said, 'don't worry daddy, i will pack my lunch so i can stay all day.'  what a girl.  what a dad.  love this picture.
 ~chat soon!

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