Friday, June 22, 2012

not quite as planned.

last weekend adam did some last minute grocery shopping before the father's day dinner with the family.
he ventured to global food store near our house.  he took both girls.
they needed to get chop sticks.  that's all.
he came home with chop sticks and then some.
they also brought home a papaya.
i'm not much into tropical fruit.  unless i'm in the tropics.
none the less...we tried it this week.
adam is so good about exposing the kids to unusual things.  he has always been that way in the grocery store.  he would bring home an 'ugly fruit' randomly and say LOOK SARA!  weird. i know...but who knows if you like it unless you try it right?
it was quite interesting to look at.
the seed

it has lots of seeds...

 i think i muttered something about the seeds looking like frog eggs...note to self.  don't do that again.

kate was the first to taste.
i smelled it and thought...nope.  no one is going to consume that...
here is the chronological shots of kate trying the papaya
approaching the mouth...she says mmmm.....


i don't fink i like this...she shouts.
gahhhhhh....or some unusual sound that kids make.

obviously she isn't quite in love with the idea....

hates it.

popsicle to the rescue.

and vanilla ice cream with magic shell.  

hysterical.  i wish i could say that i staged the whole picture taking episode.  but i didn't.
i don't think they could replay  those feelings.
what a riot.
we are an anti papaya household.
~chat soon!

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