Sunday, June 3, 2012

new addition(s)

saturday we went to the store.
adam whispered...'i think we should get them their fish'
kate has been wanting a fish for a long time and anne is still tramatized from the time i flushed 'dorthy' down the toilet in front of her. (duh!)
so we went.  got our shopping finished and then headed to the pet aisle.
the girls flipped.
they dutifully picked out two fish and we got the stuff and went on our marry way.
we are pleased to announce:
Junior (anne's fish)

and goldie...(he started out being rainbow wilson. we laughed so hard over the randomness of kate and the name she chose for her fish.  apparently she got embarrassed and rethought it.  she has stuck with goldie.)

we woke up this morning and immediatly had to check on the fish.
i held my breath and prayed they would still be swimming.
they were.
anne said 'thank goodness...they lived!'
here are some more pictures of our new friends.

chat soon!

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