Monday, June 18, 2012

not our day.

today is monday.
and it has been a monday.
this morning started off with anne sassing me and kate whining.
i had already snapped at them by 8:15am.
it was going to be a nice day i thought.
we headed to swim lessons bright and early....
then we decided we would make clay...
easy enough.
i only had 1/2 as much salt as i needed.  back in the car we went.
for lunch i ate a totinos pizza (a whole one, by myself) and i served the girls pizza rolls.  i think i have only done that once in their lives.  there isn't anything wrong with them, i just usually try to *make* them something.
by 2:00pm, i convinced kate she had to take a nap because the monsters that lay in the crack of  the couch would know and would know if she didn't sleep (gasp.)
she quickly fell asleep.
i was desperate.
adam came home from work to pick anne up for softball practice.  he wasn't in the best of moods...he closed the door kind of hard and woke kate up.
 she started whining. he shrugged. 
i plugged  bot girls on the computer and poured a big glass of tea.
somedays are just like this.
looking forward to tuesday.
i'm especially looking forward to tuesday because it's trash day.  our fathers day family dinner consisted of several dishes, two of them including shrimp and pork.  throw in a side dish of 90 degree plus temps and our garage smells like....well, you can imagine.  which is polluting our laundry room and kitchen.
it's super blissful in our house right now. 

proof of my super horrid mothering ability today...

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