Thursday, June 14, 2012

proving a point

So lately i have been repeatedly telling you about the differences between anne clara and kate.
I captured it with my camera recently.

this is anne:
she is reading my book on the deck under the umbrella.  she set the whole thing up.  look closely at her attire

a little closer look.
  this is kate:

if you look close kate has her "headphones' on...she is reading.  she is not sitting lady like.  she is a hoot!

 Just wanted to prove that there really is a vast difference.
But on the same hand, they are the MOST loving little girls.  they are both crazy sensitive, comforting, creative, the list goes on and on....and most importantly, they usually don't strike against me at the same time. HA!  there is almost always a good girl, bad girl's hilarious. 

There you have it!
~chat soon!

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