Monday, June 4, 2012

our kate

kate and anne are so different.
like night and day.
looks, temperament, sense of humor, focus...everything.  totally different.
she picks up after herself, remembers where she puts stuff...just different. totally. if i haven't said that already.
she is obsessed with stuff too.  for instance, this weekend, it's the goldfish.  goldie.  
here are a few pictures of her and her new bff goldie rainbow wilson fish...
she wanted goldie to listen to the music. not kidding...she put them on there herself!   you can't make this stuff up!

giving him a checkup.

she said she could hear his heart and it sounded good.


today kate was very close to my face.  she grabbed my cheeks and said:
you know when we go down in front at church? yeah! communion!
well...that drink you guys drink...
kate-'is it really BLOOD?!'
me-um, well, uh, WHERE IS YOUR GREAT GRANDMA?!
kate-well, i know it's SOMEBODIES blood...just not sure who.
me-where did you hear about this?
kate-i listen at church.
me-alrighty then.

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