Saturday, June 2, 2012


kate not minding the process of bug removal.

So yesterday, I woke up and was thinking we had nothing tying us down for the day...
We were going to go to the library and then Adam and I had a wedding reception to attend in the evening. 
It was going to be a smooth sailing day.
The girls and I cleaned up a little in the morning and then headed to the library.
Fun.  They loved it.
I noticed Kate itching her head.
I didn't think a whole lot of it but thought it was odd, how she was scratching. 
I said to myself. 'self, don't get bent out of shape till you actually see a reason to get bent out of shape.'
We went home, ate some lunch, and I took a gander....lice.
Just eggs. Nothing hatched.
I calmly said, we gotta go to the store.
We did.  In the meantime I talked to my hair dresser who advised a more natural route of getting rid of them using oil and heat.
We came back home.  I picked and sifted through her head of really thick, long, hair.
I didn't find a whole lot, but from past expierence it only takes one stinkin' egg to hatch out about a quarter of a million more...gross.
Then I doused her in vegetable oil, slapped a shower cap on her head, and used the blow dryer as long as she would let me.
We are currently egg/hatched out egg free.
I am still itching. Everywhere. But that too shall pass.
~Chat Soon!

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