Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a moment...

do you know how long a moment is?
i guess it depends on the moment.
yesteday, the girls started day camp at the magic house.
it is a very well organized and orchestrated place.  i even pulled away thinking, i didn't even get nervous...
kate was fairly calm about it.  the little boy in the doorway screaming didn't do much for anyones nerves but she handled it well and off we went.  anne had 3 friends from school that were in her group, so she hardly said bye to me....
i came home took care of home stuff and headed back to pick them up.
again, a very well organized deal. they give you a sign, you put it in the window, you don't even have to get out of the car.  perfect.
annes group came out firsthttp://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6651452614705960729#editor/target=post;postID=8218066065167505723.  she climbed in and started talking.
i see kates crew come out next.
this is when the moment begins...
i see about 10 or 12 little tykes coming out...no kate.  i think that there must be another group coming.  
the nice girl says, oh there is kate's mom...kate...kate?  KATE?!
and she looks at me and takes off....uh....heart starts beating a tad...
i can't remember what kate is wearing...how much did the pediatrician say she weighed when we were there last?  how tall is she? oh dear lord.... when do i call adam...where will they take me to wait...oh dear lord.
anne murmurs..'.is she lost?'
'no of course not', i say...all the while looking out the window.
all the cute kids climibing into vans and suv's...
the moment continued.  the nice girl that was on the search came out.
she didn't have kate.
she looked at me and kind of gave me a crooked smile that was filled with concern.
she spoke to the 'lead teacher' who grabbed her walkie and started darn near sprinting toward the door....all walkies were being talked into... all the teachers have 'the look'  i know that look...its a weird, holy  moly look, eyes wide open, necks strained, walking fast, talking in phrases...
the car is getting fuzzy, i'm getting hot, and the air is getting thick.
i really don't think i'm in this situation.
inside the magic house there MUST be 4 million people.
i had just given her 'the talk' about being taken and what to do when we went to the science center....
ohmygod she didn't listen i thought.
my face was starting to get tight, i couldn't swallow.
anne was whimpering in the back seat......ohnoithinkkatybugislost....
and with that....
the heavens opened, harps could be heard...
katherine elizabeth emerged from the doors with the teacher GIGGLING!
i bolted from the car, nearly getting run over...
and grabbed that little girl.   i very calmly (you know in that weirdo mom is nearing insanity calm voice...) said ARE YOU OKAY?!WHEREWEREYOU?
the teacher smiled and said, do you know where the air maze is?
uhhhhhh NO!  i said/snapped...
she said, right at the corner by the door, i think she must have stopped to play for a second.  we don't lose kids here at the magic house...
uh, huh, i'm a teacher too, i don't lose kids either, thankyou so much.... i think i managed to sputter...
and there is kate with her glasses and a big smile with a crooked tooth.
i could have choked her and squeezed her till she popped all in the same breath.
if i NEVER in my life experience a moment like that...it will be a moment too soon!
lord have mercy.
i think i shook for the next 25 minutes.  we went to lunch, and after me staring in space and sucking down a diet coke, without coming up for air,  i finally snapped back to reality and managed to ask them about their day.
and to think, i thought all my gray hair was genetic...ha. i don't think so!  it's called motherhood.
~chat soon!

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