Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new things...

so this summer, i have tried to do a lot of new recipes.
adam and the girls gave me pioneer woman's new cookbook (which i beg you to buy today, sooo good!)
and i have fallen head over heals for pintrest and the recipe aspect of it.  i have been very proud of myself that it has not been a major time suck, but more of a resource to find recipes...love it.
here is what i have found, everyone of them are a 2 thumbs up response from the crew here...
in no particular order...
spinach chips
 **these are amazing. if you have ever been to a restaurant and experienced fried spinach, this is an exact replica....soooo good.  i mean soooo good.  we recently had friends over and i made these along with the twice baked potatoes, adam made steaks, it was really pretty on the plate. try it. today**
baked chicken Parmesan
**so yummy, and low in calories.  a must try, the website this comes from is amazing.*
salisbury steak
**same website as above, these were so good, the gravy was just right, not heavy and thick...yum, yum, YUM!**
twice baked potatoes from pioneer woman
**oh dear me...that's all i have to say...simply to die for.  try them.  and the plus, you can make them THREE days ahead.  do it. 
brie stuffed mushrooms
**show stopper and super easy, and delicious!**
restaurant style salsa
**yummy, we had this also when we had company recently and it was sooo good, a little on the hot side depending on your thermometer but good all at the same time.**
peach whiskey barbcue chicken
**amazing.  i made this and was very, very guarded.  i couldn't fathom the combo. it was amazing, and the person who did the last minute shopping, who shall remain nameless, picked up apricot jelly instead of peach, and it was still perfect. a must try**

i, in no way, have any connection or endorsement type relationships with any of the above mentioned recipes. i just think it is nice sometimes to have new things to try, and that someone else says YES!  do it! 
~chat soon!

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