Monday, July 16, 2012

being scientific...

for the past 6 months, anne has been talking about the science center.  it is advertised on a tv channel everyday and she has just be intrigued by the idea of it.
i have taken my classes for field trips, but was nervous about taking them, alone.
it's a big place.  lots of people.
i decided it was now or never.
last thursday we went after pom pom camp.  we started the trip by having lunch at o'charleys.  we were reviewing safety things...what to do if we were to get separated, what our last name was etc.  then i asked, 'do you guys know what to do if someone were to try to take you?' 
big eyes, no words....
oh no! i thought, i scared them. 
i explained that they would yell, kick, scream, bite, try to run....
they both nodded and looked so sad.
then kate...pushes her plate away and says she isn't hungry.
she curls up on my lap and begs to go to the magic house....
she kind of had that look that she gets right before she throws up.
luckily she didn't.
she cried the whole way to the science center.  i tried to console her.
convinced her that i would hold her if she needed it, she would stay right by me, she wouldn't get separated...
finally we get there.
they were immediately enthralled with the shape of the building, and seeing a jet close up.
all the worries were washed away.
note to self, have the stranger danger introduction LONG BEFORE YOU TRAVEL TO THE PLACE YOU ARE GOING!  sheesh Sara!

thumbs up

a real live jet! anne said

inside the planetarium

expierencing an 'earth quake'

anne can't believe the shake

no one was going to get these girls! :)

celebrating a good day with ice cream!

 ~chat soon!


  1. I'm glad the wonder of the science center casted out the fear of being taken!

    PS- Um, is that Young's?!! That was always my favorite ice cream place!

  2. I mean cast out the fear. Casted- haha!

  3. Free Range Kids-- check it out at the local library BEFORE the girls turn 10 :) Robin