Sunday, July 15, 2012

something new.

after a whirlwind weekend of picking and choosing, our house is getting a NEW KITCHEN!
last week our stove decided to die, our dishwasher has been on the fritz, our cabinets are super tired...the stove was a sign from above that it was time.
i'm excited, glad the picking part is over, but it wasn't quite as hard as i thought it would be.  i don't claim to be an indescive person, so as long as it matches and will be durable and look nice all while being in the budget, it's fun a thing to do! :)
since our stove is out, i have been cooking on this:

and this:

and since the dishwasher isn't working...the counter top often looks like this:

BUT i think we may have the dishwasher in working mode again...we shall see.

now, i wish we could click our heels and it all be installed and usable again.  this is the part i'm not a fan of. (waiting...and wondering, and watching...and waiting...)
~chat soon!

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