Sunday, July 1, 2012


it's hot.
hotter then i remember it being for a long time....but i bet i said that same thing last summer.
it's july 1.
that sends a chill through my veins.
in about 5 weeks the cold sweats of the beginning of the new school year will start.
we planned on not going on a long vacation, so i have signed the girls up for a couple half day camps for this month.
lots of running back and forth.
my sister announced (today) that she is coming home in the middle of july with her children for a week.
i had a very real dream last night that she was pregnant....i never dream about her, so it was crazy.
i asked her today, she said she is not. :(
so excited for her visit. can't wait. mentally, i have everyday planned. it never quite works out that way...but we have fun the time she is here.
it's only about two weeks, i can't stand myself.
i texted her last week and said....'i cried a little last night because i missed you".
i could hear her breath catch half way across the united states.
'what's wrong' she said.
'nothing, i just miss the fact that i could call and say-hey, i need you to come with me here, and she would say cool, and we would go.'
she wrote back....yep...and then something else i can't remember, but it doesn't matter.
i can't wait for her visit.
~chat soon!

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