Friday, July 13, 2012

pom poms

anne had pom pom camp at my highschool alma matter.  i explained we were going to my high school, and she hadn't ever been, she would learn some new dances and meet some new friends.
without bating an eye she said, 'okay' and walked right in.
she was quickly greeted by three of her classmates, so that helped i'm sure.
she is so brave.  she is always so confident.  sometimes i'm envious of that.
anne had the best week of her summer i think....they learned a new routine each day and then would preform it at the end of the day to parents or whomever was there.
i loved watching her.
as a former band geek, i think i'm living vicariously through her! (never was my cup of i didn't miss a thing, but you know what i mean.)
here are a few pictures....**disclaimer, dance pictures are NOT my thing, lots of movement mixed with gym just bare with me, but you get the point!**

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