Monday, July 2, 2012

happy day.... day weekend we came home from a lot of fun and some amazing memories caught on camera.  i came straight home and started uploading them.  something went horrifically wrong and i lost about 150 pictures into the heavens of digital photography...i was crushed.  sickened.  ticked off.  it was my own doing...haste makes waste and i sure proved it.

i put out an urgent plea on facebook for help.  i didn't find much.  so with my tail between my legs i went to the photography store and handed over my  memory card...they told me it was a 50/50 shot, i would only pay if they recovered something, and don't worry, i have a large memory card, so the whole thing was going to be pretty pricey.  figures.

today after the pool, the girls and i picked up the cd.  it had 1,950 pictures on it...(i didn't have that many on the card, just what was erased etc picks up anything...) i came home and popped in the took forever to heart sank.  i couldn't see any from memorial day...i searched and searched.  finally i found them.  1,950 pictures in no particular order.  eeks! 

here are some of the photos that have been found...i'm so happy.  i mean like squealing happy.

so now that we are looking the 4th of July in the are some of the things we did memorial day weekend...
we stopped in adams college town and visited a few of our favorite places....
don't pull your nose up until you try one...they are heaven.

once you get past the looks...
the girls loved them....

i love these people.

this girl right here is a crack up.

2 thumbs up!

strolling the states of small town missouri...

checking out the mighty mississippi...channeling huck finn.

anne took this. 

we also visited adam's long time friend glen.  he lives on a very large farm that was filled with all kinds of
including new kittens and fishing!

needs to be on a canvas on our wall.

she's a country girl at heart.

look how cute this little guy is...melt my heart.

a huge mass of fur and sweetness...look at those eyes!

love babies. of all kinds.

kate wasn't too sure of the little kittens...

she kept it at a safe one finger rub for a bit....
and then realized it was the best thing ever....

happy summer.

fishing with daddy...nothing better.

reeling it in...every cast there was a catch.

proud of herself.

you can see her excitment in her shoulders. love it.

thumbs up.

best friends. usually.

fyi...kate refused to wear anything BUT that excuse the 6 inches of midriff you see hanging out!

gonna have to frame this i think.
Many may think we are weird...and that is okay, but this is how we like to spend our time, as family, enjoying the simple things about life...i think it's great!
~chat soon!

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