Friday, November 4, 2011

a funny little story...

you may look at the picture above and say, sara has LOST IT!
she is now posting pictures of butterflies stuck to a ceiling tile.
guess what? while, i may be a little nuts...there is a story here.
my good freind joyce gave me several catterpillers.
i put them in the butterfly net.
one crawled out and decided to do his cocoon spinning from the ceiling.
we watched eagerly everyday...the day of parent teacher confernces we noticed the colors had changed.
right in the middle of reading groups, my student Kelly yells out 'ITS HATCHING'.
i couldn't believe it, right before my very eyes...the butterfly hatched.
amazing. just amazing.
we all stood there and watched it emerge from its coccoon.
the kids innocent eyes wide, their mouths hanging open, not a sound to be heard.
hands down, could possibly be, the best teaching moment in my career!
~chat soon!
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