Friday, November 18, 2011

number 2 restaurant

at the beginning of the month, kate had the opportunity to stay at our babysitter...saint debbies, for a sleep over for her birthday.  (it is one of many of the awesome things deb does for our girls)

anne has been so good lately.  first grade has been a transition for her, and even though there have been some bumps, overall, we have seen her evolving into a beautiful young lady before our eyes.

since anne has been an infant, adam has wanted to take her on dates.  he has before.  simple dates. mcdonalds, a trip to sams club etc.  this time he decided she was ready for the real deal.  he made a reservation for Pepe's Apt 2. Restaurant.  It has always been a dream of Anne's.  It is on the way to church and is this cool store front with an apartment on top.  It has been many things over time and this is the coolest thing so far.  She always yells NUMBER 2 RESTAURANT.

It's the fanciest thing she has ever been to.  We kept it a secret and surprised her.  The picture collage isn't great but it tells the story of the date night.  I didn't bring my normal lens, the lighting was tricky, then don't worry, the battery died and i didn't bring my camera bag. nice.

we had a fantastic time.  she was an amazing little lady and was so proud of herself.
it totally felt like we were in another world.
if we never do it again, it's okay.  this one time was so worth it!
~chat soon!

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