Sunday, November 20, 2011

the end of october...

can't wait.
hey sara.  next time someone takes a picture...stand up STRAIGHT!

so proud of herself...she can now ride something but the couch!

feeding the goats. alone. first time. huge deal.

love this. she is always a hot shot with the goats...but i think her eyes tell a different story

who are the girls?  they are all grown up.  cute enough. but surely they aren't mine!  I'm still a new mom!

we are so lucky to live where we do.
i don't think everyone agrees with that. but, we have so many options of things to do with kiddos.
kates birthday weekend, adam was hunting in south dakota. the girls and i went to church.
it was a beautiful day, i got the girls home, coaxed them to change clothes and said.
after the shrieks and screams we loaded into the car and spent the better part of the afternoon at the best place to spend a sunny, Sunday.
they were open one more weekend for the year.
it's one of our favorite places to go.
we had a blast.
just a blast.
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