Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it's tuesday.
after a 5 day break.
it kind of feels like friday.
although, i have spent the last two work days in a conference.
an awesome conference.
the best one, maybe, that i have ever been to.
that's a big deal.
but my rump is sore.  from sitting on it for hours on end...
i have had a headache for a week...not consistent, just on and off.  my mom assured me that it is not a tumor.
more then likely a barometric weather headache....a little too much wind.  maybe a little too much life.
either way, more then likely, not a tumor. 
that is good.
even though it is only tuesday....i feel like i have been through the mill.
adam had a little go around with his chronic issue called 'gout'. 
a wife's worst nightmare. really. it is.
it caused me to have a sleepless night on sunday night. (he is fine...a big dose of the special toe meds...everyone is good to go.)
that is not.a.good.thing for this gal.
i have been blessed with children that sleep and for the past 3.5 years have been getting a hefty nights sleep.
you throw in a ringer and it sends me to the looney bin.
dry heaves and all. just plain ugly.
adam hired another employee yesterday.
she started today.  and did great.
business is booming. like scary, pinch yourself booming.
i get nervous and superstitious and then just remember to shut my mouth and be thankful.
christmas tree goes up this weekend....
gifts are almost all done. (thank you, Lord)
adam decided yesterday, (november 28th mind you)
that he really should throw a holiday party for the business....
after smiling, that 'good wife smile' i managed to say,
'well, i think that is a good idea.'
he found a place today (our favorite place) and i am in charge of the menu.
(did i forget to mention that i have been speaking to him about this since early october??????)
this has been a huge sara whine session, and i'm sorry.
sometimes, that is  just how it goes. 
all in all...life is good. just busy.
different.  full.  not the norm.  but maybe the new normal. 
and, i just need to get used to it.
~chat soon.

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